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Since I was a child I have loved creating and taking care of people and with time I discovered that I could do it through cooking. I fell in love with the way simple ingredients could transform into something new and exciting and with that express feelings and emotions.

I started this journey from an early age and my dreams became true when I graduated from a prominent culinary school “the Escuela Gastronomica de Occidente” in the city of Cali Colombia as a Technical Chef. In order to expand my knowledge and acquire new techniques I traveled to Cordoba Argentina to study in CELIA gastronomic school, where I obtained my title as a Professional Chef in 2013.

My passion guided me to Buenos Aires Argentina, where I had the privilege to work for one of the best Chocolatier Shop in the country  it was then when I discovered my calling and love for pastries and desserts so naturally i pursued this by continuing my training in IAG which is one of the most respected culinary training schools in South America.

After years of training and working in countless kitchens and pastry shops, all the hard work paid off when I won a contest and became the Executive Chef of the Portugal Embassy, where I had the pleasure to work for two years and was elected to lead the New Year’s dinner for the European Club, and event that gathered international representatives in Buenos Aires.

My latest endeavor was to move to New York City where I had the pleasure to work at the restaurant Jean-George and Nougatine where I was able to acquire a new set of skills and expand my culinary training.

Although I have enjoyed all of these experiences I firmly believe that the best service is a personal engagement and the proper way to take care of my clients is to give them all the attention and care that they deserve. 

plato chef laura
Plato preparado por la Chef Laura


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